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Worship the Beer

Ergo Bibamus

6/9/16 09:20 am - steverogerson - Goa Premiun Beer - a gluten-free beer from India

Here is my review of Goa Premium Beer, a gluten-free lager brewed in India:


5/30/14 12:09 pm - steverogerson - World Cup beers

Here's my suggestions on what beers to drink while watching the World Cup:


1/31/14 02:43 pm - steverogerson - Full Moon Brewwork

Here's my report on the Full Moon Brewwork in Patong, Phuket:


9/17/13 04:48 pm - steverogerson - Belgian Beer Weekend

Earlier this month, I went to Brussels for the Belgian Beer Weekend. Here's what I thought:


9/13/13 02:11 pm - steverogerson - Budapest bars

I had a brief visit to Budapest this week. Here's a review of the the bars I visited:


8/17/13 09:23 am - steverogerson - Real ale pubs in Carrington, Nottingham

I've written a guide to the real ale pubs in the Carrington area of Nottingham:


5/6/13 10:30 am - steverogerson - Cask Marque training day

I went on Friday on a Cask Marque training day at Marston's Brewery in Burton-on-Trent. Here is my report and pictures:



6/13/12 01:42 pm - steverogerson - Rue St Denis bars

My guide to some of the bars on Rue St Denis in Paris, France:

Rue Saint Denis bars

1/27/12 05:34 pm - steverogerson - Bars in Cocoa Beach. Florida

Here's my guide to some bars in Cocoa Beach, Florida:

Bars in Cocoa Beach, Florida

1/11/12 11:56 am - steverogerson - Real ale pubs in Holborn, London

My guide to real ale pubs in Holborn, London:

Real ale pubs in Holborn
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