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Worship the Beer

Ergo Bibamus

An Online Temple for the Worshipers of Beer
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We worship beer, in a pretty non-denominational, mostly non-idolatrous manner. There are just two simple tenets, and a few more basic practices; anyone comfortable with them is welcome to worship with us.

The tenets are, simply, 1- beer is about flavor, at least as much as it is a cheap vector of alcohol; and 2- beer is best enjoyed together.

The main practices of worshipers of beer are: drinking beer with friends, and making new friends over beer; avoiding beer that can't be enjoyed for its flavor; talking about beer, its flavor, its history, its brewers, and its methods of distribution; and occasionally slipping "b33r" into writings online.

What to write about in this community: beer, pub, and brewery reviews; beer-related announcements; organization efforts for beer tastings, pub crawls, and other get-togethers; and questions about beer. New members are encouraged to introduce themselves, so please, let us get to know you.

This community is maintained by bsdcat, but in the spirits of kinship is open to all.